World’s BIGGEST CROCODILE EVER RECORDED captured and killed! THE GIGANTIC CROCODILE FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO WAS REPUTEDLY CAPTURED AND KILLED FOR SPORT BY A SOMALI WARLORD. THIS ENORMOUS CROCODYLUS NILOTICUS SPECIMEN, NAMED GOLIATH, IS BELIEVED TO BE THE LARGEST CROCODILE EVER RECORDED. AT THE TIME OF HIS DEATH — THE SPECIFIC DATE OF WHICH IS UNKNOWN — GOLIATH WAS 7.4 METERS (24+ FEET) LONG AND WEIGHED OVER 2300 KG (5060 LB). HIS APPROXIMATE AGE RANGE WAS 90-120 YEARS. (Nile crocodiles (or Common crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus) are part of an African species common in Uganda, Egypt, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Tanzania and Botswana. They have a darkish bronze colouration, with prominent dark spots on their backs and subtle muddy purple on the belly. They are mostly found in swamps, marshes, lakes, rivers and dams. The Nile crocodile possesses quite unique predatory behavior; characterized by the ability of preying both within its natural habitat (where it is the apex predator) and far beyond its normal hunting range, which frequently results in unpredicted strikes on almost any other animal of similar or smaller in size.) (AND AS ALWAYS, WE WELCOME ANY PHOTOS, FOOTAGE, RUMOURS OR TIPS YOU MAY WANT TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD. SEND THEM TO US DIRECT VIA YOUTUBE PM! THANKS VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE.) The wonderful music is provided royalty free by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech ***PLEASE READ***: We are committed to delivering the most Authentic UFO Sightings, the

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World’s BIGGEST CROCODILE EVER RECORDED captured and killed!

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